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"Anbar Tajhiz Asia" Company

Consulting, design and implementation of various warehouse shelving systems.

Our experts, designers and consultants in the field of warehouse shelving and mechanized storage systems help you to make the best and lowest cost decisions about your areas with different shelving settings in each place. With such an approach, meeting the quantitative and qualitative needs of a wide range of customers is a priority, our experienced experts are ready to be present on the location and provide expertise and shelving designs in the least time. Also, if you need to move the existing warehouse and shelves, or increase the warehouse level or change the arrangement of shelves, the installation forces of this unit will move your warehouse to a new location or provide you with additional parts.

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Years of experience

With more than fourteen years of experience in the design and implementation of shelving systems


Successful projects

The main resume of the Anbar Tajhiz Asia is its successful projects.


Type of products

Ready to provide products and services to customers with diversity and customer needs


Satisfied customers

Proud Customer Satisfaction is the main pride of Anbar Tajhiz Asia

Happy Customers

Address 23th km of Karaj special road in front of Pasargad gas station next to Saderat Bank